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Alex Fox “The Art of Sailing Swiftsure” – May 2013 Boat Journal ArticleJuly 7, 2013

The Art of Sailing: Swiftsure

This year’s Swiftsure International Yacht Race was a test of endurance for sure. Following the race, I attended the volunteers appreciation BBQ and was asked to put some perspective on why…. why do this race? What brings sailors back to compete in this iconic northwest event year after year?

If you were around the 2013 race or know any sailors who competed, you may possibly have heard “That’s it, never doing that race again”. Since I competed in my first Swiftsure some forty years ago, I know I’ve uttered those same words at some point, however like most others here I am, a lifetime fan of the race. Future Swiftsure races will no doubt continue to be boldly circled on the calendar of sailors and non sailors from Oregon to Alberta. Here’s my top ten answers in no particular order as to, why do this race?


Official 2013 Swiftsure MerchandiseJune 10, 2013

Swiftsure may be over for this year, but there is still an opportunity to order some fabulous technical gear commemorating the 70th running of Swiftsure and the “from canvas to carbon” theme. Click on the link to order a jacket, vest or polo with the Swiftsure logo. Some items can be customized with your boat name, too. Orders can be shipped to Canadian and US destinations.”

To see what is available for pre-order go to Swiftsure logo wear.


Swiftsure’s Video Contest – shot from the Race CourseJune 6, 2013

Racers – did you shoot some video while you raced Swiftsure 2013?  Are you proud of the result?

We know some of you were SO happy with your vid, you’ve posted it to Youtube.  Take a look at Swiftsure’s Multimedia, Swiftsure 2013 Videos.  Some are professional footage from our media sponsors.  If you were at  Club 9ONE9 on May 24th, you’ll remember THIS fine video, courtesy of RVYC Vice Commodore John Green and Rear Commodore Ralph Lapp.

Then there are the Swiftsure 2013 Video Contest Entries.


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